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PAN Electricals has emerged as one of the leaders in Electrical & Human Resource Consulting Service contracting business in India and with its superior quality of services delivered and constant passion for excellence, today PAN Electricals is placed at the epitome of the market. We strive to be a step ahead from our competition and that step is closer to our customer’s expectation. We are open to the only constant in the world that is – "Change" .Our beliefe in constant improvising and development of the skills make the steep learning curve gentle slope for our dedicated team of experts. 

PAN stand by our commitment of delivering smooth and flawless installations by adhering to our strict quality policies. We are committed to the provision of the best result for our clientele with our stringent quality control at all times.
---Our Solution---
We at presently provide following Solutions to our clients:
1.0) Outsourcing


PAN RESOURCES (PR) offers temporary and contract staffing to clients in all sectors like- manufacturing, telecom, banking, hospitals, real-estate, schools, consumer goods and etc. This covers deputing the resources for a term, managing their payroll, managing employee and employer relations, employee performance assessment, recruitment and training etc.. These "deputees: or "associates" are typically for front and back office operations, frontline sales and market promotion; routine finance and accounts, human resources operations, projects, Software development, network administration etc.

All deputees will be on PAN RESOURCES (PR) rolls and are provided with all the benefits of a regular employment. PAN RESOURCES (PR) understands the importance of being abreast of new changes in the various statutes related to employment and has specific teams specializing in compliances monitoring. 


Scope of Outsourcing Solutions

  • Recruitment
  • Induction and Employee Management
  • Payroll and Administration
  • Employee Information System
  • Facilitation
  • Statutory
  • HRIS and payroll reports



 As we branch out into payroll processing Solutions, we offer you no less than our best in terms of manpower, software and efficiency. As in every other aspect of our business, we have reason to believe that you will have no room for complaints.

When you outsource your payroll processing to PAN RESOURCES (PR), it is like having book keepers and payroll experts on your own personal staff. By outsourcing your payroll processing to us, you get the best of Solutions at the most basic of costs.

At PAN RESOURCES (PR) we look into your individual needs for payroll processing and create customized solutions for them. Our experienced and professional Payroll experts are available to you, to help with the smallest detail, whenever the need arises.

Key Features of Payroll Outsourcing

  • Our Solutions can be customized to user requirement.
  • All Statutory Deductions such as PF / ESI / Bonus / Gratuity /
  • If the Payroll of more than one Location is managed, pay slips can be defined depending on location wise.
  • OT Rate Calculation - Hourly basis or on Per day basis.
  • Arrears Calculation, No restriction on Record Management Dates
  • Leave Details Management
  • Detailed Master Data Capture, Company Master, Employee Details and various reports
  • Bank / Branch Details - For Bank Statement Instruction.
  • Library of other Statutory Reports.

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Processing Solutions 
Outsourcing payroll processing offers phenomenal advantages to the corporate sector, especially the small and medium sized businesses. Some of the advantages are



Cost Reduction

No Penalties

Brings Fun back into Business


Attention Focused on Core Issue

Lowers Risk Potential

Direct Deposit

Walkouts Don’t Matter

Experts at your Solutions

Solutions delivery

Compliance Management


Process Capabilities


Process analytics

Sharing Updates


Process for outsoursing payroll

Payroll data from Client to PAN RESOURCES

PAN RESOURCES will provide easy to read payroll cheques and reports which are sent to the company via courier or e-mail.

PAN RESOURCES specialists trained in payroll processing will give 24x7   personalized help

PAN RESOURCES will assure confidentiality of data at all levels



2.0) Compliance Solutions

2.1) CONSULTATION & Internal Audit for Payroll

PAN RESOURCES (PR) provides solutions for Internal Payroll Audit & Compliances, clearly demonstrating consequences of Audit & Non-compliance management. PAN RESOURCES (PR) continuously endeavor to add value to Corporate Governance and to make corporate free from financial & legal liabilities and foresee all the internal documentation is complete & as per compliances applicable.

The recommendations in an internal audit report will be aimed to improve and/or enhance business processes

PAN RESOURCES (PR) ensures that all the relevant Internal Audit for Payroll should be as per legal requirements only.

Main features of CONSULTATION & Internal Audit for Payroll

  • To ensure that only valid employees are paid at the correct and authorized rate salaries
  • To ensure that all deductions are correctly calculated and accounted.
  • To Ensure all Audit records pertaining to Labor Laws are filed on time
  • To Ensure Understand the current compliance status
  • To Assess risk exposure in the form of criticality analysis
  • To ensure that unauthorized access to the payroll system and data is prevented.
  • To ensure that all payroll transactions are accurately reflected in the accounting system
  • To ensure that regular and accurate management and statutory information is produced.
  • To ensure that company is following all statutory laws and regulations
  • To ensure that the calculations of all payments and deductions are correct and in accord with the relevant taxation and other regulations and requirements.
  • To Assess Consultation & opinion on business models of varied Solutions
  • To Ensure Consultation for handling any specific cases like, Receipt of notices, Internal Disciplinary proceedings, Policy formulation
  • To Ensure Consultation on all Labour legislations like Business startups to Mergers & acquisitions, Closure or transfers.

2.2) LABOUR law Compliance Management Solutions

PAN RESOURCES) helps your company from financial liability arising out of compliance lapse with regard to the statutory benefits entitled for the employees. PAN RESOURCES (PR) provide compliances management Solutions like: Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Corporation and Employee Professional Tax forms part of the Payroll Compliance Solutions. 
main features of Labour law Compliance Management Solutions

PAN RESOURCES (PR) is the best enabling partner for your compliance with law. We offer Compliance Management related to labour laws that enable the corporate partners to focus on their core business while ensuring them to be law abiding entities. 

The professional Solutions offered by PAN RESOURCES (PR)

  • Liaison with Factories, Labor, ESI and PF authorities
  • Maintenance of statutory registers, records, notices and returns
  • Continuous monitoring of contractor compliances
  • Legal opinion on labour legislations
  • Remittance of statutory payments
  • License application/amendment/renewal
  • Benefits under labour legislations, Accident coordination activities
3.0) Placement, Training & Development Solutions

3.1 Placement Solutions:

We stand as a national & International supplier with a wholly owned company structure.  It  also  enables  us  to  provide  our  vendors,  the  most  responsive  and  focused  service possible. We have a very eminent client-base. Our endeavor is to recruit high caliber professionals across all functional areas thereby maintaining a very strong and premium data bank of candidates. Essentially, our aim is to delight our clients with our efficient services as well as putting them at ease with their recruiting hassles


Ø  Engineering









Ø  Banking & Finance Sector


PAN RESOURCES (P) LTD. follows a meticulous selection process which begins with a thorough understanding of the clients’ needs and goes on further for fulfillment.

Ø  Deep understanding of clients’ requirement keeping in view of their business size & structure, industry operating in, work culture and growth plans etc

Ø  Drafting of competencies through considering working conditions, supervisory relationships, job specifications, compensation, location etc.

Ø  Identification of candidates through our Databank, advertisements, references & so on.

Ø  Screening of candidates vis-à-vis client’s precise requirement & job specific competencies.

Ø  Interview process.

Ø  Instrumental in final selection of candidates including compensation negotiations.

Ø  Ensuring the candidate joining the client as per offer.

Ø  Making candidate feel good after joining in clients’ organizational culture.



3.2 Training and Development

Training is encompassing everything that is expected for the enhancement of organizational development and competencies. In order that the total performance may be improved, organizations need to have trained and experienced people. We at PAN RESOURCES (PR) have highly professional team on the payroll and they design the T&D programs as per requirement of organization. We organize training and development programmes for the organizations as per organization requirement...These programs are cost affordable and are purposive and meant to equip the employees with the necessary skills that are required for particular jobs. We also conduct Training programmes for fresh management graduates so that they can be given practical knowledge before starting their career

General Benefits of Training and Development

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increased innovation in strategies and products
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Enhanced company image
  • Risk management, e.g., training about sexual harassment, diversity training 
4.0) ENGINEERING & Maintenance Solutions

PAN RESOURCES (PR)  provides Engineering and maintenance solutions for office campus, industries and multi storied building by employing well-experienced licensed electrician and mechanics under the control of Senior Trained Staff; Carry on the business of executing electrical and civil contracts and providing all kinds of manpower & consultancy in respect thereof.

Undertake contracts for all kinds of labour jobs and jobs on turnkey basis for electrical installations both LT & HT lighting, air-conditioning, air cooling and ducting, piping, fabrication of steel sheets, angles and allied sections, civil work, wooden work mechanical jobs, repair of all kinds of machines, material handling and other customers specific job of all kinds and nature i.e. industrial and domestic etc

4.1 Engineering & Maintenance other Solutions:

        Management of Fire Control Detectors & In-house fighting systems

  • Checking and reporting on the health of fire detectors and alarms.
  • Checking health of fire pumps and engines checking the water position / condition of fire water tanks
  • Checking the health of various fire extinguishers / refilling etc.

       Management of Lifts /Elevators /Escalators Operations

  • Safety certification of elevators through specialists after regular intervals.
  • Operation of lifts / elevators, Co – ordination with lift maintenance companies for maintenance, Safe landing procedures in case of emergencies

  Management of Site office /Administrative office

  • Managing the front office and reception, Management of communication systems / EPABX, Management of photocopying machines, faxes, e-mails etc
  • Assisting in office administration and HR activities
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PAN RESOURCES (PR) is an Indian based company and has team of dedicated and competent people like highly qualified HR professionals, certified chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors, tax consultants, Engineers, Supervisors, technical professionals and legal experts. 

All are equipped with comprehensive accomplishments and proficient expertise to assist clients. Therefore we at PAN RESOURCES (PR) are able to provide a broad range of solutions and presently solutions like- Manpower outsourcing- Temporary staffing, Payroll process outsourcing/management, , Labour Law Compliances, Consultation & Internal Audit for payroll- Third party Audit, Placement, T&D solutions, Engineering solutions, Housekeeping, Security & Surveillance Solutions and other Solutions are provided to our clients .

We have an impressive track record in giving information and the correct guidance to our clients on all matters.

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