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PAN RESOURCES (PR) provides solutions for Internal Payroll Audit & Compliance's, clearly demonstrating consequences of Audit & Non-compliance management. PAN RESOURCES (PR) continuously endeavor to add value to Corporate Governance and to make corporate free from financial & legal liabilities and foresee all the internal documentation is complete & as per compliance's applicable.

The recommendations in an internal audit report will be aimed to improve and/or enhance business processes

PAN RESOURCES (PR) ensures that all the relevant Internal Audit for Payroll should be as per legal requirements only.

Main features of CONSULTATION & Internal Audit for Payroll

  • To ensure that only valid employees are paid at the correct and authorized rate salaries
  • To ensure that all deductions are correctly calculated and accounted.
  • To Ensure all Audit records pertaining to Labor Laws are filed on time
  • To Ensure Understand the current compliance status
  • To Assess risk exposure in the form of criticality analysis
  • To ensure that unauthorized access to the payroll system and data is prevented.
  • To ensure that all payroll transactions are accurately reflected in the accounting system
  • To ensure that regular and accurate management and statutory information is produced.
  • To ensure that company is following all statutory laws and regulations
  • To ensure that the calculations of all payments and deductions are correct and in accord with the relevant taxation and other regulations and requirements.
  • To Assess Consultation & opinion on business models of varied Solutions
  • To Ensure Consultation for handling any specific cases like, Receipt of notices, Internal Disciplinary proceedings, Policy formulation
  • To Ensure Consultation on all Labour legislation's like Business startups to Mergers & acquisitions, Closure or transfers.


PAN RESOURCES) helps your company from financial liability arising out of compliance lapse with regard to the statutory benefits entitled for the employees. PAN RESOURCES (PR) provide compliances management Solutions like: Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Corporation and Employee Professional Tax forms part of the Payroll Compliance Solutions. 
main features of Labour law Compliance Management Solutions

PAN RESOURCES (PR) is the best enabling partner for your compliance with law. We offer Compliance Management related to labour laws that enable the corporate partners to focus on their core business while ensuring them to be law abiding entities. 

The professional Solutions offered by PAN RESOURCES (PR)

  • Liaison with Factories, Labor, ESI and PF authorities
  • Maintenance of statutory registers, records, notices and returns
  • Continuous monitoring of contractor compliance's
  • Legal opinion on labour legislation's
  • Remittance of statutory payments
  • License application/amendment/renewal
  • Benefits under labour legislation's, Accident coordination activities

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