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provides Engineering and maintenance solutions for office campus, industries and multi storied building by employing well-experienced licensed electrician and mechanics under the control of Senior Trained Staff; Carry on the business of executing electrical and civil contracts and providing all kinds of manpower & consultancy in respect thereof.

Undertake contracts for all kinds of labour jobs and jobs on turnkey basis for electrical installations both LT & HT lighting, air-conditioning, air cooling and ducting, piping, fabrication of steel sheets, angles and allied sections, civil work, wooden work mechanical jobs, repair of all kinds of machines, material handling and other customers specific job of all kinds and nature i.e. industrial and domestic etc

Engineering & Maintenance other Solutions:

Management of Fire Control Detectors & In-house fighting systems

  • Checking and reporting on the health of fire detectors and alarms.
  • Checking health of fire pumps and engines checking the water position / condition of fire water tanks
  • Checking the health of various fire extinguishers / refilling etc.

Management of Lifts /Elevators /Escalators Operations

  • Safety certification of elevators through specialists after regular intervals.
  • Operation of lifts / elevators, Co � ordination with lift maintenance companies for maintenance, Safe landing procedures in case of emergencies

Management of Site office /Administrative office

  • Managing the front office and reception, Management of communication systems / EPABX, Management of photocopying machines, faxes, e-mails etc
  • Assisting in office administration and HR activities

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